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Escape Trump TowerYou Live on the 43rd floor at trump tower. You thought today was your day off but it turns out it’s not! Security has been tight since Trump won the election. Now you must figure out how to escape trump tower so you can get to work.

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  1. brynadiamond says:

    Really, developers?

  2. MadineChan says:

    It’s understood you wanted Clinton to win, but this isn’t ok.

  3. babygurl_614 says:

    Haha very funny get over it trump won boohoo let all ur tears out it doesn’t matter anymore it’s all stupid stuff anyways

  4. FoRgOtTeN says:

    its funny because yall kids talking bout you hate trump do you even know about politics or what the word hate means if you don’t like Trump it doesn’t matter deal with it you don’t know I hes a good president yet he just got in office!

  5. hi loser says:

    so even thought trup won he is a cheating loser on everything lol

  6. snugglefamily says:

    This is hilarious!

  7. cowgirl says:

    i cannot get out

  8. Tretre2604 says:

    Wassup everybody

  9. MissLila says:

    Serious ?


  10. _Emo_Trash_ says:


  11. Pestilence1 says:

    I don’t get all the criticism of trump. He hasn’t done anything super bad and he’s been a good president so far.

  12. perfectatsoccer says:

    Fuck trump

  13. kysfags says:

    lmao im willing to bet money that half of yall are like 11 years old, yall needa quit actin hard because you not ;)

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