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Escape MoscowI was visiting Moscow and lost my way. Can you help me search around and find a way to escape?

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  1. sopalot says:

    good game, I enjoyed it.

  2. bookworm6200 says:

    where is the yellow and red egg

  3. vijjy_v says:

    a bit though to find silver key

  4. Patsey says:

    I enjoy that game it was fun

  5. Jonny_t says:

    Whats the word for the flag pole ?

  6. christy bond says:

    thanks for all the help people’s

  7. proprioio says:

    mah…non mi funziona nulla

  8. proprioio says:

    son rimasto con un osso e una paperclip

  9. proprioio says:

    sbloccato e fuori

  10. I need help finding the
    second key

  11. cupcakes_rule says:

    what are the numbers on the red box?

  12. dnr1981 says:

    Why is there no new game today? Anybody know??

  13. Ruth Vogel says:

    why no new games this week?????

  14. alivaughn says:

    how do you get under ground?

  15. goatlover31 says:

    Ya how do ;you get underground?

  16. briana potts says:

    2 minutes it took me “BAM WHAT”!!!!!! THAS WHAT BEING IN YEAR 8 AND 12 GATS YOU

  17. wang5221 says:

    where is the Blue egg?

  18. Tymetoplaygames says:

    Am I reading it correctly? They aren’t making any new games because people didn’t want to pay for them???
    If so, thats pretty childish. These games are for kids, and the way things are out there these days, most people dont have extra money each month to pay for a kiddie game. Dont care how “cheap” it is.
    Besides, theres a LOT of game sites like this one that are free. Thats what happens when you get greedy.

    Its too bad too, cause these were easy, fun games to play.

  19. gabbyhailey123 says:

    Whoever the maker or creator or owner of this website is, LISTEN UP!! Having to pay money for all of the games on this website is FREAKING STUPID!!!! First everything was free. Then you have to pay 5 dollars for all of the games except Monday’s games. Then they were all free again. Now, you have to pay for all of them. THAT IS SO FREAKING STUPID!!! MAKE UP YOUR MIND BECAUSE PEOPLE DON’T LIKE CONSTANT CHANGES!! WHO IS WITH ME ON THAT??

  20. gabbyhailey123 says:

    HOODAMATH, YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. squirrelstone says:

    Wait, so even though I subscribed earlier and paid plenty for these games, I’m being told I have to subscribe again to play games I’ve already played? Something doesn’t seem right here.

  22. jhollands says:

    WTF??? Now we have to pay for games again? I really love your games, but I’m hesitant to spend money on them. I really don’t know what to think of your company anymore, you keep flip-flopping on the pay, no-pay, free game on monday, all games free, now no-free game at all. And absolutely no customer service other than just deleting comments. People were given a refund with a message saying no new games in the future, so why are we being asked to pay again? Communicate with your fans on your plans(a blog maybe?), otherwise you’ll wind up with a lot of former fans and no income. I love your games, but please Hooda, get it together! For now, sorry, but I won’t be giving you any money!

  23. jhollands says:

    So I just hit the subscribe button to see if it was still $5, it is, but “For only $5, you will receive access to all games on We are no longer releasing new games but have over 50 in our private collection.” Ummmmm…why would I pay $5 for old games, and you’re basically saying your out of business? If you don’t want to make new games that’s fine, that’s your business, but to charge people, just seems like pure greed. You made awesome games and had a bright future in the gaming industry, but I hope you learned a lesson from this. So good-bye Hooda, I’ve already removed you from my bookmark bar. If anyone is looking for free escape games try ENA games, they release a free one everyday, and Carmel Games, they don’t release a new one daily, but they have a blog that lets you know when new ones are coming out, and keep you updated on future games, and listen to their fans. If Hooda ever decides to make new games, I hope they visit Carmel Games, and take a pointer or 2 from them!

  24. byron554 says:

    Really used to love this site, but after a 5$ fee came around for OLD games on a site that doesn’t produce any more games… I’m done.

  25. Tymetoplaygames says:

    This is a perfect example of a bad leader. I’m starting to wonder if the owner of this site is 13 years old.

    As people have stated, you dont first offer all games for free, then charge for all new games except Mondays, then make all games free again, then say you’re not making new games anymore, and now, charging people to play OLD games?????
    I’m just glad I’ve played them all already.

    I have MANY FREE game sites bookmarked so I’ll just erase this bookmark, and stick to those games. They’re not greedy and foolish.

    Oh and a word of advice: You might want to find a guardian to help you in future investments. #justsayin

  26. colorin says:

    Haha. Loved this! Great example for my retail failure classes. Thanks Hooda, you couldn’t provide anything better! If you want to attend my classes (final year UG degree) feel free. You might learn a thing or two :)
    “For only $5, you will receive access to all games on
    We are no longer releasing new games but have over 50 in our private collection.
    Click the Paypal button below to subscribe.”

  27. happy768 says:

    This was so good. I did it with my eyes looking the other way

  28. zoom says:

    which one is a free game for last monday 16th june 2014 n this monday 23rd june 2014? i cannot access it

  29. lgstarz101 says:

    this game makes you think and i like it

  30. laurgee says:

    I really, really wish that you didn’t have to pay to play all of these games! :( :(

  31. breebreecz says:

    i cant play this game

  32. osompee says:

    hi im osompee

  33. frond says:

    We’re is the red egg

  34. 21trostem says:

    ya and i didnt subscribe but can still play beacause i found the mobile version online:

    just replace the moscow part with the place of the escape you wanna play and it SHOULD take you there
    i repeat SHOULD…

  35. lolly545 says:

    Where are all the eggs except the green one plz help

  36. MultiplicationGIRL says:

    Seriously… How can you play any games here, if the best aren’t free?!! :(

    They have free games at

  37. 173226 says:

    This is soo fun i could play it over and over all day if i didn’t have a life! ;)

  38. IGG3 says:

    love it i love theses kind of games

  39. jakob78 says:

    where are all of the hot grils

  40. CosmicPotatoes says:

    Why can’t I play?

  41. gdvs says:

    Why can’t I play

  42. aege33 says:

    where did the games go?

  43. bph72 says:

    don’t know ethier

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