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Escape PragueI was visiting Prague and lost my way. Can you help me search around and find a way to escape?

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  1. TT says:

    Something is wrong with the game. When you enter the house far left the screen turns white and stays that way.

  2. dnr1981 says:

    Same here! How annoying after ive just done the sudoku!!

  3. craicz says:

    Having the same problem

  4. sbroughton says:

    I was able to get through it easily. Though I hate it when you can complete it and not open every door or give all the people what they need.

  5. zasylwia says:

    The fee for the game? Disgusting!!!!

  6. joatmon says:


  7. bilyzoom says:

    white out

  8. krand321 says:

    You don’t even need to go in the house. Use the first key for the post office box and the 2nd key for the gate

  9. bilyzoom says:

    Don’t need to click on the castle to finish

  10. sstaas says:

    To those of you who were complaining about the games being same-old same-old, this must have been a nice curve.

  11. Pamster00 says:

    The game is buggy. Hangs if you enter the house. Particularly annoying if you have just solved the sudoku. Superfluous object: girl wanting punch.

  12. NFairfox says:

    Omigosh what the heck?

  13. Bebemac says:

    What was the purpose of the little girl?

  14. I have thoroughly enjoyed the games. An occasional hiccup happens in programing. I kind of appreciated the red herring (the little girl). Some puzzle games actually program in red herrings to make you think.

    Thanks for the games!!!


  15. Flather says:

    The Sudoku solver says it can’t be solved? What now?

  16. elephant21 says:

    don’t use the keys for the house use them for the orange box and the gate. the girl doesn’t get her drink.

  17. Hoodamath says:

    how do you do the soduku?

  18. Hoodamath says:

    i really need help

  19. jellybelly says:

    what is the answer to the suduko puzzle? I really need help.

  20. TheDarkSide says:

    Can someone please explain how to beat it without all the glitches?

  21. kami says:

    this game is glitching like alot

  22. Mia Lazerbeam says:

    would someone please fix this game,i mean really with all of these complaints,take it down or fix it.

  23. jhollands says:

    Took me forever to do the sudoku(ouch that hurts my brain), and bam! A white screen! This game is seriously bugged and it’s been out a while. Did Hoodabrain go out of business completely? Or are they going back to releasing one free game a week? I really liked this site before they started charging for games, the games weren’t so easy and so wash-rinse-repeat as they are now. They used to take me a while to get through, now I’m out in 2 minutes flat, if there’s no sudoku puzzles. I can’t afford $5 a month for these games but had an extra $5 bucks last week when they were still releasing new games, so I thought I’d spend it on these games, but paypal did not work and no customer service on hooda’s end, and almost 2 weeks after and still not a word from hooda…oh well. I hope you can find a business plan that works for you Hooda, so you can come back and make fun, challenging(hopefully free) games like you used to! I really miss the old hooda escape games!

  24. Ashley_Tejada456 says:

    im trying to play a game and it doesn’t work I keep on trying over and over again

  25. Ashley_Tejada456 says:

    what should I do

  26. meepymoo1 says:

    great game

  27. silpadas says:

    I want free online games.

  28. allycat1210 says:

    awesome game

  29. MMKTT12 says:

    i can’t play without subscibing… HOW DO I SUBSCRIBE !!!

  30. gymnast says:

    Where do you find the coins please help me

  31. frond says:

    Where are the three coins

  32. mustachesugar says:

    This game is alright

  33. kimoraa says:

    what u mean its alright ? ^^^ this game is awesome bruuh

  34. allie_hall says:

    Hey everybody, you don’t have to keep paying to play games on this site. Just go to, and go to the home page and on top of the games, go to the category of games called mobile then click on it again for escape games or you can just go to games category and just click straight on escape. They each have different escape games but each are pretty cool.

  35. paulknowles says:

    Ha stuiped

  36. swagmoney1990 says:

    Sup dog

  37. hunterroy says:

    I like this game

  38. IGG3 says:

    it will not let me play

  39. flavius says:

    i love these games .i want to play them for free without money !

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