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Escape BerlinI was visiting Berlin and lost my way. Can you help me search around and find a way to escape?

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  1. freddie says:

    Whew! Made it!

  2. dmbrodmann says:

    good game. I love the games and although I am 25 I still find them very enjoyable! worth the $5 any month!

  3. emmo1999 says:

    how do you play

  4. Sunnycat1 says:

    very easy fun though :D

  5. Patsey says:

    How do you get the last ball please thank you

  6. Emily Cluff says:

    Maria Lome is spoiling the game

  7. emmyawesome says:

    this is ciil

  8. Patsey says:

    couldn;t find the last ball it;s to hard

  9. Byrdelementary2014 says:

    what type of stupid nonsense is this i thought they did say this was for free i


  10. redfragglebiker says:

    what do I do with the walnut?!

  11. pixie3782 says:

    whats the shape code? please help

  12. pixie3782 says:

    whats the shape code?

  13. miajanekate says:

    What’s the answer for the bag on the bench next to the girl?

  14. sharkeisha3 says:

    need help

  15. jellybelly says:

    too easy, but still fun.

  16. gandalf11 says:

    doe anyone know how to use the nutcracker?

  17. allyssa6 says:

    what is the shapes

  18. allyssa6 says:

    what is the 2 key for

  19. Jody says:

    wow nice game
    i love it ^_^

  20. defyerette33 says:

    Dear Hooda Brain, this is a stupid website and it sucks you want me to pay five bucks just to play online games everyone knows that you already earn money everytime someone uses your website , I mean what ever happened to free hooda brain and please put all of these games on hooda math cuz hooda math is getting booooooorrrrriiinnnggg ive beat every game on there
    Thanks for the Lame Game,

  21. sierra14 says:

    how do you subscibe

  22. tori152 says:

    How do you get in the yellow box.

  23. perlagonzalezme says:

    Great game

  24. TitanZane says:

    Let’s play

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