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Escape LondonI was visiting London and lost my way. Can you help me search around and find a way to escape?

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  1. sbroughton says:

    What is the number for the black briefcase?

  2. dmbrodmann says:

    No idea what the two number combinations are?? I have the binoculars, but the time on the clock doesnt work for anything….


  3. joatmon says:

    i cant find last coin

  4. joatmon says:

    does anyone know where the 8 sided jewel is ?

  5. elephant21 says:

    How do you find the points in the purse?

  6. kissypie says:

    its so hard can someone help give me some clues.

  7. amber77 says:

    awesome game

  8. Jackie says:

    The United Kingdom has not converted to euros–they still use pounds.

  9. Jackie says:

    Can’t find the green jewel.

  10. Jackie says:

    Never mind, found it.

  11. elida305 says:

    these game is cool

  12. shyanne says:

    what is the time on the clock? don’t get it

  13. Hazelnutcreme says:

    clock answer is 14:56

  14. mumina says:

    Whats the circle code thing?

  15. lxylou says:

    how do you get the blue jem

  16. cody12 says:

    where is the blue diamond??

  17. DjTurner says:

    it wont let me play ! I’ve clicked thousands of times ugh

  18. bobbybooshae says:


  19. bobbybooshae says:

    How do u find the blue jewel

  20. bobbybooshae says:

    Nvm completed it

  21. Jordan.Smith says:

    What is the code fore the red box by the Ocean

  22. egrim says:

    What is the code to the red box

  23. sogle says:

    What is the code for the rev box. Like for real.

  24. Robinson976 says:

    To find the code for the red box subtract 975 by 563.

  25. paulknowles says:

    Hey guys what the blue bag Code
    Really need it

  26. paulknowles says:

    Never mind fond it lol

  27. paulknowles says:

    What’s it the Oyster card for??????

  28. raven144 says:

    whats the red box code??

  29. malkali says:

    I never play this before from the comments it sounds fun

  30. malkali says:

    How do you play games

  31. Madzisamazeballs says:

    it wont let me play any games :(is anyone the same???
    :( :( :(

  32. Madzisamazeballs says:

    :) :( :O :P

  33. tavvie says:

    whereis green gemmie

  34. tavvie says:


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