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Find My Sunglasses Graduation CeremonyI have short term memory loss and always lose things. This time I lost my sunglasses at the Graduation Ceremony. Please help me find them!

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  1. mystery man says:

    okay, i enjoy playing escape games but i dont like the fact that i need to subscribe and be charged to play the new games on this website! im sorry but youre losing me with every new game!

  2. sbroughton says:

    Wonderful game. And I don’t mind paying the $5. I’m hoping that means the creators can give us more exciting challenges!

  3. Tymetoplaygames says:

    These games are for KIDS and they’re now charging us adults to play them? Insanity. I’ll never pay you all a penny. HUNDREDS of sites out there that have great games.
    This was a poor decision.

  4. sweetloverhui says:

    I cant believe that such games need to pay the subscribe fee. I like those games but I hate to pay the subscribe fee. How if I don’t have the money to pay? suck stupid people to charge the fee. Idiot!

  5. Patsey says:

    How do you find the number and colors thank you

  6. christy bond says:

    what is the color code

  7. PizzaManz says:

    why do i need to subscribe to play?

  8. myfrankypoo7 says:

    I am logged in, why can I not open a game?

  9. shyanne says:

    Numbers are star shapes in side

  10. shyanne says:

    Can’t work out the colour code

  11. shyanne says:

    Don’t know what sequence the colors go!

  12. Byrdelementary2014 says:

    how horrible they would let me write a comment buti CANT PLAY THESE PEOPLE ARE GOLD DIGGERS !!!!!

  13. t12006 says:

    I don’t like having to pay $5 every month you’re losing me.

  14. TJ5522 says:

    I have a free account.

  15. Steven Millard says:

    there is no $5 fee

  16. Brainyblueblush34 says:

    all the new games should be free it does not make sense that only the Monday games are free and the rest of the week they cost money.

  17. addisonhaldeman says:

    It is sooooo annoying that the games aren’t free they should be especially if someone likes escape games

  18. haileyfg says:

    I don’t want to pay money

  19. snowball says:

    whare is the 5 dolers

  20. songlover says:

    Paying sucks I like the games but not having to pay

  21. songlover says:

    Do you have to pay for all the games or just for some

  22. blackheart1 says:

    I just log in to play these game and now I have to pay , NO

  23. Purr68 says:

    What games can you play without paying $5?

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