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Find My Sunglasses Office BuildingI have short term memory loss and always lose things. This time I lost my sunglasses at the office building. Please help me find them!

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  1. orton220 says:

    I love these games. Worth the $5.

  2. sbroughton says:

    Found 2 of the 3 pearls. Any clue as to the third?

  3. Jackie says:

    3rd pearl is in the waste basket under the paper with letters on it.

  4. Patsey says:

    where do you get the color from

    • redfragglebiker says:

      Loon on the office table. By moving the chairs around you will see a piece of paper. Each letter is the starting letter of the name of a colour. HTH but let me know if you need more help.

    • cece bade says:

      With the names on the paper on the desk when you move the chairs. Boy, Rob, Bob B’s are blue, O is orange, R is red, Y is yellow.

  5. Patsey says:

    That was fun doing it

  6. spring77 says:

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  7. jojoells says:

    i found 2 pearls: the one in the trash bin and the one in the other room in the box, wheres the third one

  8. jojoells says:

    oh ok got it its in the last box on the shelf next to the lady

  9. bookworm6200 says:

    word code?

  10. bookworm6200 says:

    where is the battery

  11. NFairfox says:

    in phone panel use the screwdriver.

  12. littleangel197012 says:

    what is the code for the briefcase

  13. Tori S. says:


  14. fofofog123 says:

    this game iz hard and easy at the same time!i hate it and luv it!it —-ing rules!

  15. dayneo says:

    where is the last pearl

  16. kolboy says:

    this game is boring and hard

  17. kolboy says:

    wat do i do wit tje screw driver and the pearls

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