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Find My Tickets Bingo NightI have short term memory loss and always lose things. This time I lost my ticket to bingo night. Please help me find it!

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  1. TT says:

    So you only like free games? People do work this you know and its only 5 bucks a month.

  2. joatmon says:

    NO ADS,fast loading,fun to play, $5.00 is a small price to pay

  3. dmbrodmann says:

    3 qtrs
    Not sure where to use the numbers on the bench…
    Can’t find the screwdriver either…

  4. joatmon says:

    i dont know yet,and i cant figure out the lightpole word

  5. junaid says:

    is there any othe rway to pay for these except for pay pall
    I am from Pakistan and needs to subscribe

  6. sstaas says:

    Did anyone figure out the lightpole word yet?

    • dmbrodmann says:

      nope, and no idea what 5-1,8-2,6-1,7-1 means…4,6,5,6…

      • sstaas says:

        I keep thinking 4,6,5,6 is alphabet letters for the lightpole, but it doesn’t work.

        • dmbrodmann says:

          yeah I assume they are related but cant figure out the connection. and dont know why there is an option to click on the news paper machine and the parking meter if neither do anything…

          • sstaas says:

            They often have things you can click on that do nothing. I’m pretty sure I know where the screwdriver, the 4th quarter, and the ticket are, but, without this clue figured out, I’m dead in the water.

        • dmbrodmann says:

          Im thinking the 4,6,5,6 gets you into the pole, inside the pole is a qtr, the qtr gets the soda, then the soda girl gives you a screwdriver then the screwdriver opens the vent for the ticket…but what the heck is this number code…I am about to admit defeat here lol.

          • sstaas says:

            Yep, me too on both counts. Maybe the 4,6,5,6 has something to do with “Sal’s Stop and Shop”, or Fresh Produce, or Bingo Tonight. I don’t know.

      • Patsey says:

        the number 51826171 is for the telephone

  7. junaid says:

    yes I have google wallet

  8. Diana says:

    Where is the 3rd quarter???

  9. Look at the phone… 5-1,8-2,6-1,7-1 means number 5 the first letter, number 8 seconde letter… so you get the word SpoilerJUMPspoiler

  10. bjc1indy says:

    I have spent way to much time on this!!! I like a challenge but come on this is ridiculous. I think someone messed up.

  11. bjc1indy says:

    how in the world did you figure that out. I bow down to you.

  12. Patsey says:

    That was fun after I figure it out thank it was fun

  13. stoner says:

    This game wakes me up every morniing


  15. melinehr1436 says:

    The watch is under the park bench! Get the last quarter by giving the watch to the boy, getting the quarter put In the vending machine get soda and YYAYAA

  16. tbilks says:

    whats the code on the box

  17. brynadiamond says:

    I wonder if anyone is still monitoring these comments.

    I love these games, but I use puffer (penguin?) on my iPad, and I can’t click and drag.

    I wish wish wish the games were labeled so I didn’t start a game that I can’t finish.


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