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Find My Tickets Opera HouseI have short term memory loss and always lose things. This time I lost my ticket to the Opera House. Please help me find it!

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  1. Chelsea says:

    First comment but can’t play. Thank you very much.

  2. squirrelstone says:

    Why does a man with short term memory loss think it’s a good idea to hide things everywhere?

  3. nika says:

    I loved this site but this sucks that all of these awesome games I can’t play because I don’t think it is fair to charge for playing these games. I am sorry if you don’t agree but I still love this site and these games. I will keep checking to see any new games I can actually play.

  4. joatmon says:

    i cant open red toolbox,i hit the buttons i think are 54035

  5. joatmon says:

    never mind i found the clue

  6. Latickles says:

    I found the clue, but i still can’t open the red box. I followed the arrows and the patterns to a tee! HELP!

  7. nika says:

    I did log in on Monday but still unable to play.

  8. zytayshia says:

    so who cares jk thats awsome

  9. zytayshia says:

    hi nice to meet you.

  10. JDeGonia says:

    how do i open the red box

  11. Kitty Hobson says:

    why do we have to pay for the game

  12. horseluver says:

    What is the broom supposed to be used for?

  13. horseluver says:

    I found out the broom is supposed to be used to reach the car keys.

  14. janiyahvt1025 says:

    How to open red box

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