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Find My Tickets Water ParkI have short term memory loss and always lose things. This time I lost my ticket to the water park. Please help me find it!

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  1. cherry123 says:

    How do you get the vollyball?

  2. kamgurl says:

    1st comment! How do I get the volleyball!!?? Help me!?!?!?!

  3. Diana says:

    Move the trash can, get the rope and you use that to get the volleyball.

  4. Abu-Bakr says:

    how to get the backpack code??!

  5. kamgurl says:


  6. Sophie Li says:

    What is the color code?

  7. Emma Jo says:

    Whats the color code?

  8. Patsey says:

    I ‘m having trouble with the back pack figure out the number

  9. zebra09 says:

    what’s the code for the brown box?

  10. bookworm6200 says:

    What is the lighter for

  11. adrian says:

    the backpack code is 3746

  12. aunabanauna13 says:

    whats the lighter for???!!!

  13. Patsey says:

    It was a little but I did it finally thanks for the help

  14. gracelyn says:

    uhhhh whats the yellow gem for?? need it asap

  15. evie2hip says:

    how do you get the code for the brown box?


  16. ryryjenae says:

    How do we remove the rope on the door?

  17. nadiatarry12 says:

    how do you get the box on the picnic table open please help meh!??!!!???! :-(

  18. paige2014 says:

    I love the escape games=)=):D:D=)

  19. Paige Davis-Eddy says:

    What is the code for the back pack

  20. 18870 says:

    how do you get the volley ball

  21. jennifer159 says:

    how do you move the trash can

  22. ag36509 says:

    where do you get the ticket

  23. lou boo bear says:

    How do you get the volleyball

  24. nichole2001 says:

    How do I play this game

  25. trivutolf says:

    I love these games

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