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Find My Tickets Movie TheaterI have short term memory loss and always lose things. This time I lost my ticket to the movie theater. Please help me find it!

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  1. Tree07 says:

    I hate paying for games too, but these escape games are so much better than the other ones out there. At least for 5 bucks you get to play a month’s worth of new games. I’ve paid 99 cents or more each for games on the app store that aren’t worth it.

  2. Maria Lome says:

    I love these games, and I know it takes money to make them happem, 5 dollars is not much to play them for a month, hoodabrain games help people with brain exercises, its a good thing, especially for the older, exercise games are good to help with alzeimers disease, i support hooda 100%. they need to makr them more challenging in my opinion……………..

  3. cycocindy says:

    I’m an educator and I get kids turned on to looking for clues, rationalizing, and remembering. Makes me sad that I now have to stop because they can’t afford the site that touts itself as educational— for a fee!!

  4. Tanyuxa says:

    Cool! Only positive comments!.. :)

  5. sammychappa20 says:

    I love this game so much.

  6. Candace Luo says:

    What happened to “Hooda Math” and its Escape Games and Find HQ Games? There are like, no more new ones.

  7. shortcake says:

    I run the computer lab at an elementary school. Friday is game day. Hooda Math is a site the kids really like. And I love the Escape games.

  8. Maria Lome says:

    These games are awesome, bluescale classic, and grayscale are the best, much more challenging………

  9. shyanne says:

    I do escape games every night, look forward to logging on and there are new ones.

  10. Latickles says:

    I solved the puzzle in the box at newspaper stand, but it won’t open…can someone help?

  11. sammymcgraw4820 says:

    it is really boring lol jk

  12. eaglemom says:

    Left with knife – don’t know what to do with it. Can’t find anything else to do. Any help?

  13. proprioio says:

    e come lo apro il mail box???

  14. kolboy says:

    most of these games are boring and hard\

  15. Kaitlyn Dillon01 says:


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