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Find My Balls BackyardMy brother likes to prank me, he hid my softball here in the backyard. Please help me find it!

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  1. junaid says:

    In and out- good game

  2. yenhenpen says:

    Sudoku is too hard, even tried a sudoku solver, and it says it’s not solvable. :/

    • Escapistas says:

      I don’t think you can solve this “sudoku” with an online tool, since it is not quite a real one, but it follows the same principle.
      It’s hard only if you don’t do/like them. Otherwise it’s way easy.

  3. BRANKA BABIC says:

    Cool game,I liked it…Very fun…

  4. Joker says:

    Nice Game Keep on coming more

  5. Flather says:

    I do hate these Sudoku puzzles. I find them irritating as I don’t do them. Spoils the game for me.

  6. mkiernan says:

    Another nearly impossible puzzle for those of us who are color blind. I can usually figure out the 4 color squares but this on with the bird houses is too hard. Can someone tell me, by number of clicks on each box how to solve this? I know it’s a lot to ask, but I need the help. Thanks.

  7. what the hell is the tree suppose to respresent

  8. amandaaxo says:



  9. if someone needs it here’s the sudoku

  10. What’s the guitar box??

  11. amandaaxo says:

    tree says IP
    I= 9
    P= 16

    the code for the guitar case is 916

  12. lilcloud65 says:

    I made it out! thanks people for your help!

  13. Mooseman says:

    Love this game! Challenging, but not overwhelming.

  14. Sophie Li says:

    i found the green, white, and blue marble. Where is the other one? please help

  15. tonka says:

    I enjoy these games, keeps my old brain active, love the sudoko part.

  16. Riens says:

    nice game… one a day is never enough…

  17. Patsey says:

    I can;t find the last ball help me please thank you

  18. Patsey says:

    It was fun playing it . but some parts were hard to play and find

  19. hoodabrain1234 says:


  20. says:


  21. RUDDYS207 says:

    i love this games

  22. lilbirdy101 says:

    How in the the world do i press play?

  23. Rufusskin says:

    Fun Game;)

  24. Meatuis says:

    gg out in 55 seconds

  25. deoblo says:

    How do you subscribe to play the game?

  26. iamboss says:

    This is awesome

  27. monkeyface123 says:

    They won’t even let me play the game

  28. supersam says:

    Good game

  29. SmartOne says:

    To play type in the game you want and click on the regular Hooda Math website

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