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Find My Balls KitchenMy brother likes to prank me, he hid my dodgeball here in the kitchen. Please help me find it!

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  1. warriors32 says:

    How do I find the 4 digit freezer code?

    • junaid says:

      open th ecabinet of the kitchen – tap needs to be repairs
      There is a bx which needs six digits to open it – go right see the calender on the wall the calender has four line in order of blue red green pink – answer 18 23 6 3 for the digit box

      pick up the stool

      go back left
      behind the curtain u will find the key go right open the clock lower drawer with this ke and get D

      go left – again left – use the stool to take the wrench

      see the plate they represent colour for the color code in kitchen area. – the sequence is
      G O R B P Y
      P R Y O R Purple

      remove the fourth plate from left to right in second row and get the bulb for the oven go right twice click the oven and place the bulb you will find a four digit invetred code which is 6345

      • Faith says:

        Hey man, Thanks, I normaly am really bad at these games, but you helped me. You play Minecraft? My named IvIayhem on
        Please reply to me :)

  2. Riens says:

    same here… I cant open the freezer

  3. Patsey says:

    Thanks for the help

  4. pokemon says:

    yeah thanks for the help.

  5. lilcloud65 says:

    I did it!

  6. johnnyboyxc97 says:

    how do i open the yellow box in the green cabinet?

  7. marieliramirez says:

    does anyone know how to pass the soduko?

  8. The Info-Martian says:

    I found the magnets. NOW WHAT DO I DO?

  9. says:

    This was a good one!

  10. campfire97 says:


  11. yurinho says:

    pls, stop sudoku :)

  12. golum says:

    i don’t get the number pad thing that’s inside the green shelf with a star on it do you know if yes please tell me

  13. Emma Jo says:

    Jonny Boy your name should be Pony Boy! :)

  14. meganbrowning13 says:

    does anyone know any games that do not require a subscription??

  15. jhollands says:

    meganbrowning13, they all require a subscription. They stopped making games months ago because they got greedy and had a temper tantrum when they weren’t making any money. They then made all their games require a subscription…and are still trying to make a buck even though they are out of business, The only reason I came back here was to see if they changed their minds. They haven’t, They are still acting like greedy 2 year olds. Do not give them any money for these games!

  16. dullard says:

    How do I play a game?

  17. kr1217 says:

    I don’t like this game it doesn’t have hard steps to find the balls.

  18. pchandler734 says:

    I love these games so much

  19. leah_hinceman says:

    Soooooo fun

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