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Find My Balls BathroomMy brother likes to prank me, he hid my tennis ball here in the bathroom. Please help me find it!

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  1. freewillbird says:

    it’s too easy

  2. lilcloud65 says:

    I did it!

  3. rebeccapatrick says:

    how do you do the box and have to to and see what numbers go in it thats hard i dont know how to do that

  4. Volleyball2355 says:

    what is the code to the puzzle in the red box?

  5. Hailsash says:

    Ah it was simple!

  6. dayneo says:

    that was fun

  7. krehbiel says:

    what are the colors?

  8. Chippeaux says:

    what is the code for the dresser/table by the door

  9. Sophie Li says:

    This was super easy!

  10. Patsey says:

    That was fun thank you for the help

  11. i cant find all of the light bulbs! help please

  12. bookworm6200 says:

    Does the drawer of nail polish have some significance?

  13. Byrdelementary2014 says:

    it was pretty simple i just wish that they were harder. im just saying they should step up the game . the people that createdthis game need to
    look at my comment because you need to CHALLENGE US PLEASE

  14. TheDarkSide says:

    Is it just me, or did the game say that we needed to find a baseball and a tennis ball was found

  15. sallylilly03 says:

    Not very hard. I’d like a bigger challenge.

  16. sallylilly03 says:

    And no, it’s not just you. Apparently the brother hid the wrong ball.

  17. hiddimcniddi says:

    how do you open the closet?????????????????????

  18. Courtney Swayzer says:

    They should really put sound on the new escape games or all of them

  19. loveash124 says:

    how many sides are for the figures

  20. Your Lovaaaaaaaa says:



  21. Beyonca says:

    what order do the shirts in the closet go i tried figuring it out seven freaking times but any way i’d try it it would end up being wrong??????

  22. BubbleGumChic says:

    Dang, that brother must seriously be INTENT on pranking his brother, if he’s gotta open safes and play sudoko and work codes and all that

  23. Tamara Nye says:

    I thought in Sudoko you’re supposed to keep the 4 boxes free of the same number as well . . . in other words no 4,4s in the same box and no 1,1s in the same box (by box I mean the whole square has 4 sections that have 4 boxes in each) guess not in this puzzle.

  24. smartiepants123 says:

    it’s not moving!!!!! the four on the third row is not changing into a three on the red box ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  25. lily pad says:

    where do the shapes go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. dani97 says:

    i cannot find the last light bulb!!! HELP PLEASE

  27. sarabuttit says:

    what do you do with the screw driver?
    -your new bæ sarah

  28. gracelyn says:

    HELP on the Sudoku it wont let me change the two 4s in the last one and the two 1s in the third one help I’ve tried restarting it didn’t work!!!

  29. sraplee says:

    were do you find the colors

  30. bellaj says:

    I couldn’t figure it out

  31. 2cute4u says:

    it is way to easy

  32. cupcakes_rule says:

    what is the code for the five number box thing

  33. ha_escapemaster says:

    It was kinda hard. Although, a lot of the time I have to look up the walkthrough. The red box was the hardest thing i think. Anyone else with me?

  34. kaykay12514 says:

    These games are fun

  35. blah says:

    thats so wrong the name is so wrong

  36. doyouwanttobuildasnowman says:

    this is fun

  37. Mathnews says:

    Hi news I love this game

  38. kpklug says:

    this was so easy

  39. cutiepie101 says:

    “find my balls” lol

  40. scook says:

    hey what is up im skylar

  41. scook says:

    this is to easy I could do this in a minute

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