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Find My Keys Modern Art MuseumMy friend likes to prank me, he hid my keys here at the modern art museum. Please help me find them!

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  1. JDeGonia says:

    Where do I find the clue for the how to solve the arrows on the white box?

  2. antonella says:

    aiuto..non riesco a risolvere la scultura degli utensili…

  3. x22 says:

    Can someone do a walkthrough?

  4. gimlet says:

    Thank you, I enjoyed this one a lot!

  5. Michael says:

    X22, our walkthroughs are always on the youtube hooda math page, i will put up the walkthrough for this one soon.

  6. Erin183 says:

    I can’t find the Roman Numeral clue (I tried the clock and it didn’t work) or the clue. Help please!

  7. BeastMan says:

    You know what I say? I say who dat party cat.

  8. sallylilly03 says:

    What I can’t figure out is the code for the plus signs. The rest wasn’t that bad with a little thought.

  9. Maria Lome says:

    On the computer desk there is a drawer on right side, use the code 826 to open it which is on the computer screen. There is a magnifying glass to use on blank picture on wall.

  10. daisymonet says:

    How do you solve the box with the roman numerals?

  11. Candace Luo says:

    How do you solve the “code” on the lockbox in the room with scupltures of kitchen utensiles?

  12. little tricky but out :) Cheers!

  13. krehbiel says:

    what do I do with the arrows?

  14. Peaches11114 says:

    I can’t figure out what do to with the arrows. I tried the big, round gray thingy, all three utensil sculptures and the clock. I’m at a loss.

  15. noodles says:

    how do u use the paint brush?

  16. Char Bart says:

    Why is the last color from the clock not the same as the other corresponding numbers from numerals to the clock. That is the only thing I can’t figure.Isn’t number 10 red?

  17. Byrdelementary2014 says:

    wait how do you do this

  18. Alex :) says:

    This ones my favorite so far! :) Tell me if you need any help.

  19. CK6Speed says:

    How do you solve the color code?

  20. CK6Speed says:

    How do I solve the color code part?

  21. brainyH says:

    I love doing the sudoku part, but I hate doing the bigger ones! I’m really bad at them.

  22. nika says:

    I can’t figure out the arrows??

  23. Aalyah35 says:

    how do you get on it cause i cant play it

  24. aliyah1919 says:

    awesome games lol

  25. Robinson976 says:

    I can never play any of these games!

  26. CG5SCG5S says:

    I want to play how do I do that

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