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Find My Keys CubicleMy friend likes to prank me, he hid my keys here in the cubicle. Please help me find them! Mouse

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  1. Michael says:

    Welcome to high scores, this is our first high score game, based on time to completion.

  2. Ro Franco says:

    What is the word in purple box?

  3. Michael says:

    It says “a stitch in time”, google it, i had to.

  4. sofia says:

    stuck in purple box..

  5. virgin says:

    what to do with the spider?
    also stuck in purple box

  6. 琴 新 says:

    What to do with spider?

  7. gabina says:

    nemuzu prijit na slovo prosim pomozte

  8. and what is the number for the gray box i am soooo confused

  9. need help with the gray box?

  10. linda lou 147 says:

    color box help, please

  11. 외임 최 says:

    see the bookshelf….
    tetrad of book…

  12. antonella says:

    non trovo la parola della scatola…

  13. what are the colors for the gray box

  14. nina1414 says:

    help!! I’m confused.

  15. hooda brain says:

    how do i get the last marble?!
    i alredy got blue and white and I NEED the last one!!!
    HELP ME…….!!!!!!!!!

    • neon_pig says:

      take the water bottle and fill it with water again the put it in the coffee pot then you will see a paper airplane click on it then you will see a phone number dial it on the phone and you get the green marble hope that helps

  16. what colors are the marbles

  17. hooda brain says:

    what to do with the phone?!?!?!

  18. SI AKO says:

    what to do with the screwdriver ??

  19. dnathalia says:

    what do i do with the phone

  20. dnathalia says:

    what do i do with the empty bottle

  21. dnathalia says:

    what to do on the computer

  22. Sophie Li says:

    Where is the screwdriver?

  23. kko1family says:

    put water in coffemaker to make coffe then enter number on the phone
    for green marble

  24. hiddimcniddi says:


  25. iluvescapegames says:

    i’m so lazy XD
    still happy ’cause i’m a rookie at this and (really) needed help for the purple box

    Again thx,
    iluvescapegames :D

    • kamgurl says:

      I am a rookie too!!!!!!!!!! Wonder if I know you………??????!!!!……..??????!!!!!!!!

    • kamgurl says:

      How do I water the plNT!!!!!!!??????????????? I refilled the cooler but how??????????????

  26. Puentes Joaquin says:


  27. kamgurl says:


  28. smartiepants123 says:

    I DID IT!!!!!!!!!

  29. CHEESE says:

    I can’t even figure this one out because every time I press it, a grey screen with comments and stuff occur but the escape home page thingy isn’t there……help!!!

  30. CHEESE says:

    nevermind, I had bad connection

  31. dani97 says:

    how do you use the phone???

  32. Steph says:

    What are the colors in the grey box??????

  33. green14 says:

    What do u do with the computer screen

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