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Find My Keys Coffee ShopMy friend likes to prank me, he hid my keys here at the coffee shop. Please help me find them!

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  1. Michael says:

    We hope everyone enjoys, the first in a series of find my keys.

  2. bob1 says:

    Love the games but hate the log in nonsense! I din’t see the sense in registering for a game sight and having to remember a user name and password just to play a 7 minute game.

  3. escapeFan says:

    I love SD games and don’t mind logging in to play them for free!

  4. Michael says:

    Logging in helps us verify that our users are 13+

    • Escapistas says:

      There should be a good reason to leave -13 ones out from here. The difficulty of the games is hardly it, since counting sides of geometric shapes was the closest of any brain activity achieved. Logging in is still senseless to me, as if the non-wanted ones could not find a way if they want to, and as if SD games were really hard to figure out…

  5. Morgan Reddy says:

    I absolutely love these games. I can’t get enough. I’m excited!

  6. KJ Matthews says:

    I am ten years old and I am on this difficult website. I just logged in with my email and password and suddenly I am on Hooda Brain.

  7. sofia says:

    stuck in green box… another hint?

  8. Oldmaiden says:

    I can’t find the second quarter to get a newspaper. Does anyone know where it is?

  9. you should do a timer in the highscore and do names like for example olvier ally johnson instead do OAJ

  10. amanda says:

    hard but fun

  11. cece bade says:

    For some reason, this one really has me stumped. Can’t find the knob for the guitar. Anybody??? I woud appreciate it. Thank you.

  12. Sophie Li says:

    Super easy!

  13. kko1family says:

    what do i use the screwdriver for????

  14. evie2hip says:

    I am 12 years old, I have completed every escape game possible, so what do you say to that Michael?

  15. mbostick1 says:

    man this game was so easy to beat

  16. Aviator6000 says:

    Why Can’t I play any games? Worst site ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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