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Tower EscapeFind Clues, Pick-up Items. Escape the Tower.

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  1. Kellies says:

    Where do the stupid marbles go?!?!?!?! And how do I get the levers to move?

    • biochem says:

      Each lever is controlled by the sets of numbers from the red and purple books. You have to pull each lever after you put in each set of numbers

      • Maria Lome says:

        more info ok ty

        • biochem says:

          Convert letters to numbers using the red book and use each set of numbers on the three wheels. After you set the wheels that will allow you to pull down one of the levers. After the three levers are down it will open a panel to put in the balls

          • campfire97 says:


          • Maria Lome says:

            For example. on first wheel is one next the I symbol? I mean do the roman numeral numbers mark where that number is or are the numbers the same as on a clock, also if the roman numeral is actually a reference to numbers on wheel?

  2. biochem says:

    The wheels are like clock faces with 12 at the top so the first number would have wheel 1 set to 1, wheel 2 set to 6 and so on.

  3. amille.2015 says:

    What numbers go into the books?

    • Maria Lome says:

      The codes for red and purple books are the colored dots on flag, and if you click the bottom part of king it gaets you another code, also on table leg there is code for order of colored dots on flag.

  4. gamershood says:

    what does worm do

  5. Maksquach says:

    Why can’t we just take all the marbles off the flag???!??? :D

  6. shashtagdauntless says:

    What do i do with the fork? and I used te torch on the king and something else but im not sure where to get the other marbles. I have the white and green ones… i think

  7. shashtagdauntless says:

    omg where do i get the last two marble??? i have the white one, the green one, and the blue one

    • Maria Lome says:

      use fork on the dark brick in wheel room to get red marble, there is another white marble in door rooms at bottom of door left side on behind dark brick.

  8. swagmater_93baeornaw.yolo.noregrats says:


  9. fivehead12 says:

    I just need to figure out how to place the gears

  10. sno says:

    its to hard!!!!!

  11. cate305 says:

    what a minute what about the king and the torch? what do I do?

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