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Locked DoorFind Clues, Pick-up Items. Open the Door.

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  1. JadeHeart says:

    And who could that be looking in the window. . .? Hmmm. . .

  2. brackley_boy says:

    I saw a IDUNNO person in the window.
    probally it is that thingy that locked me up in here.

  3. SailorMoonFan says:

    This Game Is So Hard! What Do I Do After The Cabenits, The Balls And The Plant???

    • Maria Lome says:

      The marbles go in the slots on coffee table locked box. The pass code for cabinet is the amount of hearts in pictures above the couch, use water in vase in cabinet to water flower, middle picture above hearts will get you matches once you align red and blue marks on couch, code for marks is on fireplace, use matches to light fireplace, the letters that appear once you lite the fireplace spells fear, which you use for phone number

  4. krehbiel says:

    whats the code for the fish tank?

  5. daisymonet says:

    What are the roman numerals for on the red books on book case?

  6. amille.2015 says:

    How do you push the buttons on the skull?

  7. Maksquach says:

    When I opened the door at the end of the game, i was worried that you-know-who was going to attack me and eat me!

  8. Rachel Brown says:

    except that skeleton freeks me out

  9. Avi Kukreja says:

    where to find the marbles

  10. Candace Luo says:

    Where do you find the brown key?

  11. cool-aidkiller says:

    I’m col-aid killer

  12. mathbrain says:

    I love this game

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