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Grayscale Escape StudioYou are trapped in a grayscale world! You are in a studio and you must find a way to escape from the studio! Look around and find items that will help you find a way out! Good luck and have fun!

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  1. this is sooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Michael says:

    Which part?

  3. Courtney Swayzer says:

    help pls

    • Maria Lome says:

      find hint in coat on hanger, xwz = 765, so A=4, so yaya on keyboard is 6464, also you can find knob for guitar in same room on top right, pour water on pot where guitar is, push buttons on recording room, and it gives you a key there, click left chair and put key in slot, also click album award on wall, 14.7 million albums sold, hint 147 code.

  4. Biboun Truc says:

    I hate greyscale escape games but I play them because I finished all the good escape games:(

  5. RenoGuy says:

    So I got the cup on top of the left speaker and filled it with water from the cooler located to the right of the door. Then I dumped the water on the dirt in the pot to the left of the drum kit. I think I’m supposed to get a white marble as a result but I got NOTHING. This is kind of important because I need all five marbles to open the safe at the end.

    • Maria Lome says:

      You are correct, I did solve this escape, but sometimes the marble does not appear, so you did solve the game, glitch in programming, same in escape space, there is a glitch on solving the power panel, the 3rd button from top is screwed up

  6. moonlicht says:

    watering the plant doesn’t give me a marble.

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