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Bomb Shelter EscapeFind Clues, Pick-up Items. Escape the Bomb Shelter.

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  1. krehbiel says:

    how do I get the cabinet open?

    • Maria Lome says:

      You have to generator running for power, cup on table is used with water from faucet, you have get key in drain to open the chest with wrench, the screwdriver can be found clicking drain pipe and it falls out, this is used the jammed cabinet, the wrench also fixes gas tank spout.

    • cece bade says:

      Take the blue cup, fill it with water from the sink & warm the water in the microwave and pour the hot water over the ice.

  2. cece bade says:

    I’m having trouble with the numbers on the end of the gas tank.

    • Maria Lome says:

      those are used to open the book under the pillow, the marble go on the wall above the bed, you must hold and click to move picture cover, use code under kitchen cabinets to reveal safe for marbles.

  3. #yoloswagyolo says:

    where do you put the marbles?

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