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BluescaleescaperoomYou are in a strange bluescale world! This time you are in a strange room and need to figure a way to escape! Collect items and solve puzzles to get out of the room! Good luck and have fun!

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  1. Maria Lome says:

    I can’t figure out lever positions on one the panels.

  2. Maria Lome says:

    its no fun when you cannot solve puzzles with impossible yhints, get real, be considtrny Michael

  3. Rainbow says:

    The torn up Paper says “We are but feathers in the wind. Jim Bell. Three-Twenty, One Fifty One.” Does anyone have an idea what that’s supposed to mean?

  4. Caity says:

    First one I can’t figure out!

  5. crazychika99 says:

    The code for the bottom cabinets is 348.. There is a light blue key somewhere that opens the top cabinets and opening that will give you a white marble.

    • crazychika99 says:

      The light blue key is in the vent thing. Get the gum off of the panel with the 4 squares on it. To get the key you have to take the clothes off the hanger and put the gum on the hanger then stick the hanger down the vent thing to get the key. That key is the light blue key to unlock top cabinets in the one room. The big marble that you get from the cabinet that the code 7738 goes to.. you put that big marble on the big round machine.

    • crazychika99 says:

      The blue key that you get from the bottom cabinet goes to the panel box where the light blue key was found. Flip the level inside that panel and that will light up one of the four lights on the one switch.

    • crazychika99 says:

      Click again on the cabinet that you typed 7738 as the code and there should be another small marble. You should now have 3 small marbles.

    • crazychika99 says:

      The code for the bar panel box thing(from top to bottom) is:
      Right, middle, right, left, left, right, left, middle
      You will get a white marble from that. Pull the lever in that panel box and you will light up another dot on the other lever that will eventually open the bars blocking where you put the marbles.. You should now have 4 marbles.

    • crazychika99 says:

      For the four button panel box you need to press them in this order: top right, bottom left, bottom right, top left, bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right. That will get you into that panel box. There you get a screwdriver. You need to pull the lever in that panel box too. You go to the other panel box in that same room and use the screwdriver on that panel box. There you will get another marble. You should pull that lever too! :)

    • crazychika99 says:

      You should have 4 marbles. Now when you go into the room where the lever is that wouldn’t work is you should see that all 4 dots above that lever are lit up. Now you can click the lever and it will remove those bars. If you go into the room with the big marble on the big machine, underneath the lever in that room there are stripes in the wall that stick out more than the other stripes. Click on those stripes in the order 32151. That wall should open and there you will find a handle. You will put that handle on the small rod in the room with the four tubes. The you go into the room with the big marble and pull that lever. As you can see that lever now works! That machine will make the big marble smaller and that will be your 5th small marble to unlock the safe.(Now you should have all 5 marbles.) Click on the safe and put the 5 marbles into the spots. Then click the safe handle. When the safe opens there will be a key. Pick that key up and got back to full view of that room. That key is to the locked panel box that is beside the safe. Unlock that panel box and click the lever inside. When you go back to view of the entire room the safe will slide to the side and the door that was behind the safe will appear. Click that door once so it opens, then you have to click it again so it tells you that you’ve escaped and that is how you escape. :)

      • Maria Lome says:

        Thanks Crazy, I still do not know you see the panel lever position from the clue, but good job, and did anyone figure out grayscale escape space, cannot solve power panel acrivation, I’m sure its in the clue of order you click on buttons and number of wires under the plants……….

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