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Bluescale Escape DungeonYou are in a strange bluescale world! This time you are in a dungeon and need to figure a way to escape! Collect items and solve puzzles to get out of the dungeon! Good luck and have fun!

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  1. SailorMoonFan says:

    1st Comment!

  2. SailorMoonFan says:

    1st comment!!!

  3. smarties says:

    Helpful comments…

  4. KittyCatKat says:

    I’m so confused. ;^;

  5. Candace Luo says:

    I only need one more diamond!


  6. Maria Lome says:

    there is a diamond when you put bone in hole from skeleton
    also in one candle, the pile gives stone that holds water and diamond, have to click sppon twice on pile

  7. Maria Lome says:

    use rod to open chest chest with rusty lock for another diamond

    • Maria Lome says:

      actually rod opens chest for key to skelton lock, The 5 diamonds are using spoon on dirt pile to get rock, the spoon pile again for diamond, get water in rock and put out candle to get stone, use key from chest to get diamond from skelton, pick up special bone from skeleton in hole to get diamond, then 5th diamond is buy clicking bricks in each room, some will open, the stones must be pushed in all rooms, the stone on wall that gets you 5th diamond is in room with chains on lower left under chains…..

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